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Frequent questions

Choosing the place of the base

Please take some time to find the best place where to install the base.

• Near a power supply

• At the border of the grassy area

• Oriented to the grass (building, wall, path on its back)

• Possibly on the biggest the biggest area

• Good WiFi coverage (>1 bar)

• 2 Meter of space on each side

• 2 meters forward

• Flat surface (and in any case not up)

First connection to the mower

Open the app and follow the wizard

The wizard will guide you throu the fases of:


- geroifencing

- ecc

Set the blade height

First power on of the mower

Place the Volta Mower S23 on the lawn. Possibly place it in the middle of the lawn, with a good grass quality and an open skyview. This will speed up satellite connection. 

Get the APP

Get the app from the App Store

Enter and register yourself

Installing the base

Use the screw to fix the base

Mower does not return to base

The trouble branches out in two cases:

• The mower is far from the base - the problem is that the mower cannot find its way back.

• The mower is near the base - the problem is related to the lack of recognition of the base.


App and Wifi

The mower does not come out of the dock

Verify that:

• Mower is not in failsafe (the led is solid green)

• Mower has no alert

• GPS quality is good

• Verify that

• Working hours

• Not HOT

• Battery is fully charged

The mower does not return to base and is close

• Check that the base is clean and not obstructed by branches, bushes, objects, etc...

• The robot may require us, like a pet, to charge it by hand. Will learn.
• Verify that the base installation requirements are correct - if not, move the base to a suitable location

The mower does not return to base and stays away

• Check if there is a red dot on the map indicating the base, if it is not there it means that the mower has not registered the base.

• Was the mower able to reach the grassy area where the base is located?

• Place crossings

• Let it explore



• Mower

• Recharge Base

• Lawn quality


Get Wifi Credential | No firewall

Possibly outdooor with a good WiFi signal

WiFi OUtdoor

Buy an extender. Benefit.