Robots for life.

Artificial Intelligence is a beautiful tool to make our lives more human than ever, in the respect for the nature.

Deep learning is nothing without the values of the relationship between humans, the world and the AI-objects themselves.

FaceID, for pets. The smart pet feeder visually recognizes the associated pet and opens the flap to feed exclusively him or her. #deeplearning #productconcept

Drop&Mow™ is the visual navigation technology for the next generation of robotic lawn mowers. Deep neural networks guide the mower around the lawn without wires nor becons.

An incredible journey.

At VOLTA® we rethink the relationship between products and the environment where they “live”.

By exploating the cutting edge advances of deep learning, we design object that can grow and adapt intelligently to the external world.

And while traditional products decrease in value over time and over usage, AI-centric products gain experience and hyper-local, hyper-personalized value.

VOLTA® wins the best product award
in the category “smart home” at CES Las Vegas 2019

A.I. for good

At VOLTA®, we train neural networks for a wide range of real-world applications. We’re extremely proud to present FieBan and LikaNet, designed to protect the planet from wildfilers and from asteroids.

Fireban™ is the artificial intelligence system developed by with the purpose of monitoring the environment and detecting columns of smoke, unavoidable effects of the combustion of organic material.

LikaNET™ is an end-to-end neural network for visually estimating the distance and the pose relative to the center of mass (and other parameters) of an unknown asteroid.

Dedicated services

At VOLTA® we support companies to develop and realize their domain-specific tasks

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