Drop&Mow™ robotic lawn mower.

Thanks to Volta Drop & Mow™ technology, the mower works without a boundary system: no digging, no wiring, no beacons; no installations at all.

Drop and Mow™ 

Just drop it on a grassy surface and forget about it.

When all the lawn is cut, you can bring the mower to another field of your choice. No entry barriers for a new lawn. Easy to give a try. Easy to share.

Super-precise hedging at maximum safety

Drop & Mow™ exactly knows where is the correct stop-line and gradually approaches to it. In this patented way, every single inch of grass is cut while safety remains number one priority.

Exceeding Safety Standards

Vision capability provides superlative safety. Vision system recognises short / flat obstacles – including edges, human body parts, pets, garden tools, toys and more.

Mora exceeds the two “Particular requirements for robotic battery powered electrical lawnmowers” as prescribed by ANSI/OPEI 60335-2-107-2019 and IEC 60335-2-107. In particular exceeds safety requirements of 22.105.2. related to a “non-contact sensor”

OTHER mowers are dangerous*

* tested by indipendent Stiftung Warentest, the German consumer organisation and foundation https://www.test.de/rasenroboter

R&D and multiple patents

Drop & Mow™ based mowers incorporate 4+ years of Volta® R&D in deep learning specifically addressed to navigation in grass fields. Drop & Mow™ is protected by multiple national and international patents including grant 102017000058505 of 30 May 2017 and grant 102018000010737 of 30 November 2018. Other EU, US and international patents pending.

A single board for every scenario

Volta knows that there are thousands of exceptional grass conditions. Drop&Mow™ handles them all – from strong shadows to leaves. Multiple years of testing in outdoor environments in all the four seasons thanks to the Volta® Winograd™ board with low power and high inference throughput.

Drop and Mow™ platform

With the Drop and Mow™ platform, new and exhisting robotic mowers can dive into a setup-free future. The era of effortless self-confinement is now a reality. Contact us.