Mower does not return to base

The trouble branches out in two cases:

• The mower is far from the base - the problem is that the mower cannot find its way back.

• The mower is near the base - the problem is related to the lack of recognition of the base.

The mower does not come out of the dock

Verify that:

• Mower is not in failsafe (the led is solid green)

• Mower has no alert

• GPS quality is good

• Verify that

• Working hours

• Not HOT

• Battery is fully charged

The mower does not return to base and is close

• Check that the base is clean and not obstructed by branches, bushes, objects, etc...

• The robot may require us, like a pet, to charge it by hand. Will learn.
• Verify that the base installation requirements are correct - if not, move the base to a suitable location

The mower does not return to base and stays away

• Check if there is a red dot on the map indicating the base, if it is not there it means that the mower has not registered the base.

• Was the mower able to reach the grassy area where the base is located?

• Place crossings

• Let it explore