Lika-NET™ Asteroid Navigation

This is LIKA-Net (LImited Knowledge Asteroid Navigation Net), an end-to-end neural network for visually estimating the distance and the pose relative to the center of mass of an unknown asteroid.

The video is 5280 times faster than realtime, it is shoot along the Z-shape trajectory relative to an unknown asteroid. Said computer-generated asteroid has an average diameter 780 meters, with rotation period 2.26 hours and with a moon of 170 meters; the orbital period of the moon is 12 hours. The FOV of the camera is 5 degrees, and the minimum flyby distance is 1 Km from the main body (minute 4:37 of the video)

LIKA-Net prediction is shown in the top-right corner, while the ground truth is in the top-left corner. In the bottom left corner there is the movement of the spacecraft along the Z-shape trajectory (X axis perpendicular to the plane).