VOLTA® is the cognitive skills provider for your next A.I. product. Named after the genius of Alessandro Volta, we do firmly believe that A.I. is the new electricity: every product or service will be shortly AI-fied.

Volta’s Headquarters

Strategic Position – Greater Milan Area, three international airports within 50 Km.

Innovation & Development – 120 sq. m. lab space for technological implementation, tech transfer and process development (see on map).

Test Facility – 600 sq. m. lab in Arconate

Volta Robots s.r.l. (and Volta Robots Inc.)
Registered Office: Via Carducci 32 – 20123 – Milan (MI), Italy
Headquarter Via Lepetit, 34 – 21040 – Gerenzano (VA), Italy
Vehicles Lab: Via G. Di Vittorio 11 – 20020 – Arconate (MI), Italy
VAT ID: IT09295430962
REA: MI-2081868
SEZ.NI: Ordinaria, Start-up Innovativa

EMAIL info@volta.ai
PEC (for official documents only): voltarobots@legalmail.it

CEO: Silvio Revelli

Bank: UniCredit S.p.A
IBAN: IT67G0200850410000104071712

Attorney firm: Triberti Colombo & Associati
Communication firm: MC Communication s.r.l.

WEB: https://www.volta.ai
TRADEMARKS: Volta™, Volta A.I.™, Volta Cognitive Machines™, Volta Robots ® are trademarks of Volta Robots s.r.l.