Volta’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to cognitive automation. Named after the genius of Alessandro Volta, we do firmly believe that A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is the new electricity.

Volta’s Headquarters

Strategic Position – Greater Milan Area, three international airports within 50 Km.

Innovation & Development – 120 sq. m. lab space for technological implementation, tech transfer and process development (see on map).

Test Facility – 600 sq. m. lab in Arconate

Volta Robots s.r.l. (and Volta Robots Inc.)
Registered Office: Via Carducci 32 – 20123 – Milan (MI), Italy
Headquarter Via Lepetit, 34 – 21040 – Gerenzano (VA), Italy
Vehicles Lab: Via G. Di Vittorio 11 – 20020 – Arconate (MI), Italy
VAT ID: IT09295430962
REA: MI-2081868
SEZ.NI: Ordinaria, Start-up Innovativa

EMAIL info@volta.ai
PEC (for official documents only): voltarobots@legalmail.it

CEO: Silvio Revelli

Bank: UniCredit S.p.A
IBAN: IT67G0200850410000104071712

Attorney firm: Triberti Colombo & Associati
Communication firm: MC Communication s.r.l.

WEB: https://www.volta.ai
TRADEMARKS: Volta™, Cognitive Machines™, 4Gmetry™